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Moderator Rules
Moderator Responsibilities and Authorities

As ClubNA-T Moderators it is your duty to guide members, uphold the forum rules and monitor the forums on a daily basis. Moderators are here to help and should never abuse the powers given to them. These powers include:

1. Edit Threads/Posts

2. Merge Threads/Posts

3. Move/Copy Threads/Posts

4. Delete Threads/Posts

5. Lock/Unlock Threads

6. Stick/Unstick Threads

7. Remove Redirects

Moderators can also edit members’ signatures, avatars and profile pictures.

The most important thing to remember when moderating is to decide what course of action to take. If a rule has been broken, the Moderator should contact the original poster to tell them exactly what rule they broke. Contacting the OP will help them learn what they did wrong and help to ensure it doesn’t happen again. After that, the Moderator should use one of the powers listed to “fix” the discrepancy. Above all, you should always be courteous and understanding when chatting with forum members. If a problem as escaladed beyond your control, please contact the forum Administrator.

Choosing the course of action can be difficult at times. If you have any questions regarding what should be done, contact another Moderator or a forum Administrator.

It is also the Moderators’ duty to ACTIVELY participate in public forum discussions. You are not expected to respond to every post but you are encouraged to do so if you have any input.

Moderators should also participate in the private Moderators’ Forum. Only Moderators and forum Administrators can view the private Moderators’ Forum. This is the place to post questions, concerns, problems, ask for help, get feedback and input from your fellow Moderators. Moderators are a community within the forum that should help protect their members and offer advice on any situation. It is a good idea to visit the Moderators’ forum regularly to keep updated with any changes pertaining to ClubNA-T.

Edit Threads/Posts Editing threads or posts is one of the most significant powers the Moderator holds. Editing should be used wisely and with care. Moderators should edit threads containing offensive remarks, off-topic comments or wording in violation of forum rules including hyperlinks to eBay ads or other forums without permission.

Merge Threads/Posts Merging threads should be done when there have been a significant amount of information pertaining to the same topic of information. Merging can also take place if the same forum member has started multiple threads on the same topic. Please use caution when merging threads and always have a valid reason for doing so.

Move/Copy Threads/Posts As a Moderator, you will be responsible for threads posted in your section. If you feel a thread or post has been started in the wrong section, feel free to move it to the most appropriate section of the forums. If you cannot decide where the most appropriate section may be or don’t have the power to do so, contact a forum Administrator for guidance. It is our policy to use redirects when moving threads, but please use your own judgment and decide whether a redirect is necessary.

Delete Threads/Posts Deleting or copying threads is a useful tool used mostly for forum spamming. Deleting posts is discouraged and should ONLY be done if the post contains offensive remarks, off-topic comments or wording in violation of forum rules. Locking or closing threads is the preferred method of editing. If the thread or post does not meet the afore mentioned criteria, Moderators DO NOT have permission to delete them. We strongly encourage you to contact a forum Administrator before deleting posts or threads. You are however, encouraged to delete spam threads. When deleting threads, the Moderator MUST leave a reason for deletion. There are two ways in which to delete a thread: “Soft Delete” or “Physically Remove It” Soft delete is the preferred method of deletion. The thread title will remain but forum members cannot access the thread. Moderators still have access to the thread after a “Soft Delete” Physically removing a thread leaves no trace of the thread being posted. When deleting spam threads, “Physically Remove It” from the forums.

Lock/Unlock Threads Locking or closing threads is usually performed in the “For Sale” sections when items have been sold. If you feel the need to lock a thread due to a violation of the forum rules, please use your best judgment or contact a forum Administrator. Typically, threads that have “gotten out of hand” may be locked to avoid further conflict. Moderators should ALWAYS leave a reason for closing the thread. Moderators also have the ability to reopen threads that have been locked.

Stick/Unstick Threads To stick a thread means to keep the thread at the top of the section for easy access. Only important information that pertains to all members of the particular section is allowed to be stickied. Moderators have the power to stick or unstuck threads in their section.

Remove Redirects Removing redirects removes links that are not wanted in the thread. This is typical in the “For Sale” section when members post links to eBay ads or other sites.

Super Moderators Super Moderators have all the powers of Moderators but in every section of the forums. They also have the power to ban users. Super Moderators are not treated any different than Moderators and the same rules apply.

Banning We don't want to ban any member who can make a useful contribution to the community. Unfortunately, some members refuse to follow our forum rules. Breaking the forum rules can and will lead to us banning a member to protect our forum. Some cases call for us to immediately ban a user, but we usually follow a process of escalation, which starts with warnings issued via PM. A member who violates the forum rules may be banned temporarily or they may be banned permanently. Before banning a user, please consult the forum administrator. If the ban needs to be immediate, ban the user, then contact a forum administrator to tell them about the situation.

Conflict with a Forum Moderator or Administrator Forum Moderators and Administrators are adults and are expected to act like adults. Please keep all conflicts to Private Messaging to be resolved. If you feel the need to make a conflict public, it will be at the discretion of an ADMINISTRATOR to do what they wish. They have the ultimate say in all situations and will act accordingly to help protect the community. After all, this is a privately owned website.

Sponsorship and Advertising on ClubNA-T.com
We welcome sponsors and advertisers who will help support the site.
We offer two options:

1. Banner rotation: Contact us for a price on banner rotation on this site, viewable from all areas of the site.

2. Subforum Sponsor: Like XSPower, WickedCAS and BoostWerx. This gives you the ability to reach customers directly, answer questions, advertise products, etc....Contact us for pricing./mo

Either option allows you the benefits of advertising in the FS section (or your own subforum) for group buys, sales, etc.

Please contact mark@clubna-t.com for pricing and details.

User Maintenance
This section contains lots of information about maintaining your own user profile, avatars and browsing options etc.

General Forum Usage

Reading and Posting Messages

Purchasing Policies on ClubNA-T

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